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TMA Technology, located in Grapevine TX, is a nationwide provider of radiation oncology physics services and quality management tools.   The company’s physics services specialize in the acceptance and commissioning of new or existing linear accelerators for IMRT and   3-D treatment planning data acquisition.   Experience and efficient data processing allow for immediate clinical turnaround and revenue generation on the equipment.  Positive customer feedback and word-of-mouth referrals are proof that our physics services are top quality.    

The Radiation Oncology Performance Enhancement (ROPE) Database is a  quality management tool introduced at the 2003 ASTRO convention.  It is an online service provider (ASP) solution for tracking, measuring and reporting quality indicators in the clinic.  It can be accessed via any workstation, laptop or PDA with internet access and is used to track patient, personnel and equipment QA.  Read more about the ROPE by going to the QM Database - ROPE link.  

The ROPE works seamlessly with the web portal, www.TMATech.com, which provides over 200 easy-to-download and customize documents for your department, a library of over 650 industry-related links and the latest news in RO. 

Our Mission:

We are committed to creating tools and providing services that will improve the quality of care in radiation oncology!

 Let us carry the load for you!



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