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Physics Services

Linear Accelerator Acceptance and Commissioning in accordance with AAPM TG-40, TG-106, TG-142

  • Acceptance testing onsite with vendor service representative
  • Radiation beam scanning
  • Relative output measurements
  • Absolute calibration AAPM TG-51
  • Dynamic Wedge validation
  • Electronic copy of all scans and outputs
  • Complete clinical data books

Linear Accelerator Annual

  • Perform annual QA on linac in accordance with AAPM TG-40, TG-142
  • Absolute calibration AAPM TG-51

Linear Accelerator Relocation

  • Verify mechanical and beam parameters in accordance with AAPM TG-40, TG-142
  • Absolute calibration AAPM TG-51


  • Beam modeling for 3-D and IMRT on Philips Pinnacle, Varian Eclipse and CMS Xio

Treatment Planning System Validation in accordance with AAPM TG-53

  • Clinical validation of the scan data with treatment planning engine output for
    accreditation quality report

Shielding Calculations and Shielding Verification for New and Existing Facilities

  • Linear accelerator shielding
  • IMRT analysis
  • PET/CT shielding

Experience - The TMAT/ROS team have provided physics services to over 100 sites within the past 10 years, including over 200 3-D treatment planning data acquisitions.

Vendor Relations - TMAT/ROS have completed 3-D treatment planning beam data acquisitions for Philips, CMS and Varian and have done clinical commissioning for all of the major linear accelerator manufacturers. Due to these previous working relationships, the problems associated with implementing equipment and technologies have already been addressed. Therefore, there is a smoother transition to clinical operations.

Availability - TMAT/ROS is dedicated to providing services when and where you need them, traveling anywhere in the continental United States. Our equipment and personnel can be on-site gathering data weekdays, after hours and on weekends.

Physics Equipment - TMAT/ROS provides all of their own physics equipment so no additional equipment purchases are necessary.

Customers and Testimonials - TMAT/ROS is the leading consultant for Philips Pinnacle TPS and a service provider for US Oncology, the nation's largest cancer care network.

“Our hospital sees deadlines and costs as a high priority. I have depended on TMAT/ROS to perform data collection for our ADAC TPS at two different cancer centers. Thanks to their reliability, the measurements and modeling were performed in enough time for me to finalize the required QA ahead of the expected deadline. Thanks!”
                                                                                         Jeff Kurr, Medical Physicist
                                                                                            Oxford MS

“TMAT/ROS was able to schedule support for my consulting services on fairly short notice and at various locations around the country. They executed a well planned timetable to acquire all of the data and stayed onsite until they finished the job. The data set and all printed documentation were provided in a timely manner and the model was completed and available on schedule. I have personally utilized their services at multiple sites and will use them again if the need arises."                                                                                               
                                                                                    Alexander Turner, Dir. Technical Svcs.
                                                                                        Fort Worth TX

We are continuously working to improve all aspects of our data acquisition, processing and modeling services to provide you with the highest quality services and products possible.  


TMA Technology
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