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QM Database - ROPE

TMA Technology, Ltd. has produced an online application service provider (ASP) solution for documenting and reporting quality indicators in the clinic.  The Radiation Oncology Performance Enhancement (ROPE) Database can be accessed via any workstation, laptop or PDA with internet access and is used to track patient, personnel and equipment QA.  

Many of the line items in the database are standards recommended by JCAHO, ACR and ACRO.  The equipment section is based on recommendations by the AAPM Task Groups.  This database complements the electronic EMR and allows the user to generate numerous reports that can be used during the survey process for accreditation, federal and state inspections,  benchmarking , as well as data that will empower staff to implement “best practices” for quality improvement.   

The ROPE works seamlessly with the web portal, www.TMATech.com, which provides over 200 easy-to-download and customize documents for your department, a library of over 650 industry-related links and the latest news in RO. 

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